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Each one of us, eventually in our life, has a craving for contributing towards the improvement of the general public.In any case, among the different impediments looked by a significant number of us in doing as such, are constraints relating to time.Keeping in mind the end goal to handle these and give you the chance to help our reason for elevating underprivileged school kids in India, The Anna Patra Foundation has made volunteering arrangements that will give you the opportunity to spread our message without aggravating your timetable. Read on to find out about the volunteering alternatives at Anna Patra.

In the event that you have a thought that you might want to impart to us, or in the event that you wish to work together with us for volunteering, raising money and different exercises, you can contact us in the accompanying ways:
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There are different manners by which we can contribute towards society’s advance. It’s moderately less demanding to help a reason relating to the upliftment of underprivileged kids.Each youngster adores an engaging occasion like a craftsmanship and art workshop or an enchantment appear. Every one of us can have any kind of effect to the lives of these kids in different ways.It is possible that you can start and arrange an occasion at a Government school where Anna Patra gives suppers or you can be a piece of an occasion that is composed by the association. It’s your decision! The Anna Patra Foundation has sorted out various occasions that have helped with gathering pledges to help our motivation.