CSR Opportunities

Currently, there are 795 million hungry people in the world and India itself is home to the largest under-nourished and hungry population, with 195 million people going hungry every day. That is the plight of India with respect to malnutrition.

Global Nutrition Report-2016 by WHO indicated how India still lags behind in tackling malnutrition effectively.

  • In terms of stunting, India ranks 114th out of 132 nations (incidence: 38.7%)
  • For wasting, India ranks 120th among 130 countries (incidence: 15.1%).
  • Anaemia prevalence among women of reproductive ages, India ranks 170th out of 185 countries (incidence: 48.1%).

Governance issue : The lack of co-ordination between health and Women and Child Development (WCD) departments has also been highlighted in the report. It highlighted the need for multi-sectoral missions or agencies, cutting across departments, with clearly defined and measurable targets and monitorable action points for all sectors

India is one of the largest democracies in the world. It has witnessed a surge in the business sector. Despite the economic boom, there are still many social evils prevailing in India, impacting the society and development of the nation as a whole. One of the biggest evils among these is malnutrition. Each year, many innocent children lose their life due to malnutrition as they do not only get enough food, and even when they do, it is of low quality.

Despite all these programmes, millions of people in India are still living below the poverty line, are malnourished, because the surplus food grains that we have is evidently not reaching to the ones who need it the most. This is a major ongoing problem and a battle that has to be won.

Against above backdrop, we are inviting association of companies for working with Anna Patra. Your CSR activity can strengthen us in reaching more beneficiaries every day and we would be ensure proper nourishment to each needy.

Many CSR opportunities are made available for the companies to choose to be partner with us. Below are a few of them:

  • Strategic philanthropy through funds & in-kind contributions
  • Cause-marketing initiatives
  • Events & sponsorship