About a third of Indian’s are believed to be malnourished and over 40% of children receive less food than they should. The Govt. of India is increasing food subsidies to address this situation, but the rapidly rising population of much of Northern India (birth rate has fallen but momentum means the population continues to rise) poses continuing challenges.

Although great improvements have been made within the past few years, there still remains a great number of malnutrition related illnesses that are still present in the county and remains a major public health issue. The Rapid Survey on health have demanded that malnutrition should be included as a medical emergency in hopes to further decrease the number of malnourished children and people in India.

The relationship between poverty, undernutrition and underdevelopment has been acknowledged and understood for many years. The term poverty includes the different conditions of life that are associated with uncertainty whether essential basic needs will be met, and describes a lack of access to services and natural resources. Poverty is often characterised by a lack of freedom, education, capabilities, opportunities, employment and equity. In countries like India, where inequity is increasing, where the gap between the rich and the poor is widening, there are often accusations that this inequity is structured and engineered by those in power and ‘the rich’.

ANNA PATRA is started to provide nutritious food to poor people. Project is designed to serve beneficiaries of every age and divided the project in two concepts:-

Nutrient to All : – This effort has been started to provide nutritious rich diet in low-cost to poor people. Under this initiative, we will arrange food stalls near to government hospitals, wholesale markets and industrial areas, so that the workers can get fresh, hygienic and nutritious meal with only Rs 5. This initiative is not only giving financial help to those workers also taking care of their health as well so they can nurture their family.

Wholesome Growth : – An effort to provide free nutritious food for the full development of children. During this endeavour, we will give nutritious food to the poor children, so that they can have complete physical and mental development and can focus their attention on education. These efforts will also reduce the burden of the families of those children so that they can take good care of their children and other members.